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The best part of this job is sharing our passion with great people. Here's some of the feedback we've received from riders over the years.

We absolutely love working with our awesome riders, and we've had some great feedback on the Your Ride experience. 

Scroll down to read some testimonials from happy riders, or leave some feedback of your own.

About our 'Dirt Jump Improver' session

I can’t recommend Martin highly enough. My son had two sessions with him at The Track in Portreath and made great progress over these two sessions. Martin is highly knowledgeable and focuses a lot on technique to build confidence in riders. My son loved it.

Graham McLeish

About our 'Gomtb skills' session

What a fantastic experience! My two sons and husband (8, 12 & 21ish) on a two hour MTB skills session. They never thought they would be ‘getting air’, cornering at high speed and improving their riding techniques so much.


Martin is a brilliant ‘coach’, fun,engaging and knowledgeable, in fact great guy. They are can not wait to book in for next year on our holiday. Thank you. 

Jennifer Smith

About our 'Learn 2 Ride' training program

Two for one. My daughter was very nervous about trying to ride without stabilizers, so I promised her that I would try if she did. At nearly 40 with no experience of riding this was a daunting prospect.

Martin was highly recommended, however we couldn’t have anticipated the fun he made learning to ride thanks to the support and trust he built. Martin was able to gauge just how much to push us both, and we were amazed how quickly we went from complete novices to riding independently.

We would recommend Martin to anyone, of any age, looking to learn how to ride.
Tiggy (age 7) and Kat (aged bigger than 7).

Katherine Strick

About our 'Road Tour' guided trip

It is a rare occasion to find someone truly inspirational, however, on a charity cycle ride in 2011 I was put in a group with Martin as our leader. As a complete novice cyclist (although with some fitness and determination) he turned me in to someone who could hold their own and still enjoy the experience.  His technique, tips, and leadership drew us in, and turned us into a team. We laughed,  cried, sang and cheered as we completed our London to Paris event.

This was my inspiration to make cycling an annual event for my company.


I now ask Martin to plan a route over 4 to 5 days and use this as a company team building event. We’ve now cycled much of Europe with all staff saying it’s the most amazing thing they have ever done. Martin is so organised, calm and prepared, making everyone feel comfortable to give their best. I could not and would not do these without his guidance. The euphoria and parties at the finish line are amazing. Cheers Martin 

Kate Burlison of Nethergate Breweries

About our 1-2-1 'Dirt jump Improver' sessions

Great coaching, relaxed approach, really helped with my jumping and riding. Cheers Martin.

Mark Sankey

About our 'Classroom Gomtb' term time sessions


Martin is brilliant! My kids have been having mountain biking lessons with him for over 2 years and he has been consistently awesome. He is constantly giving them encouragement, top tips and feedback. He strips things back to start with, so they get the basics right and builds from there. Because he is such a great rider, he can show them why they need to be able to do things, so that they too can huck off some huge dropoff in the future. Unfortunately for my kids I have been 'helping out' so I have picked up some technique too, meaning it'll be another couple of years before they're better than me.

Kyle Brown

About our 'Road Tour' guided trip

At the age of 16 I set off on my first charity cycle ride, London to Paris. And thank the lucky stars, Martin appeared on day 1 announcing he was our guide! I have never seen someone so natural and comfortable leading a big group on bikes, the care and professionalism he offered us all on an individual basis was outstanding - to the point where he pushed some of us up the hills so we felt like we still had got a to stop without stopping!

I remember just stopping and staring, as I watched how he seamlessly controlled the road traffic around the Arch de triumph (the busiest roundabout ever!) to ensure all of us were super safe, it was incredible! 

As cheesy as it sounds this first cycle event with Martin inspired me so much and broadened my outlook on so many things. Since then, I have completed a further 2 long distance bike rides (London-Amsterdam-Brussels & London- Paris again)- on the condition Martin HAD to be the guide!


Martin you really are one of kind and I could not recommend you highly enough to anyone, thanks for being the best cycle guide ever.

Hannah B.

About our 'Classroom Gomtb' term time sessions


You have been such a part of our lives and such an inspiration to our boys for so long. Really... all those years bringing up the boys on my own hoping I was doing right by them, and having you to teach 'em the man stuff and rough 'em up a bit has just been amazing. I can't find perfect words to say thank you for all you have done for us and how the boys have had unforgettable memories.


We'll stay in touch.


And we will definitely be a part of your MTB road trips.

Jane C.

About our 'Classroom Gomtb' term time sessions


Martin is fantastic and has a lot of patience , my son is thoroughly loving his group sessions with him. Not only does he teach the practical and safety elements of biking, he also makes it fun and installs so much confidence into each and everyone of them. Couldn't recommend him enough!

Rachael Mackie

About our Chaperone role on a Corporate event


Martin has worked as a cycling chaperone on the last two Sport Relief Challenges that I have managed. He rode alongside Gareth Thomas from Cardiff to Aberdeen on his Tour de Trophy in December 2019 and then with Jo Whiley and her Radio 2 team on their Dare2Tri triple triathlon in March 2020. These challenges have made a combined total of over £1 million for Comic Relief and enabled us to make sure we can support some of the most vulnerable people in UK and across the world and Martin has been an integral part to both of them.


On Dare2tri Martin accompanied three inexperienced cyclists on a series of 30km road cycles, enabling them to exceed their own expectations about what they could achieve. On Tour de Trophy, riding the 500 mile gruelling route would be an achievement in itself, but doing it whilst supporting Gareth physically and emotionally through his own journey was truly incredible. Martin has a unique way of managing to build trust and motivate the people he rides with whilst maintaining a sense of calm and humour even in the toughest times. I am sure that his presence was a large factor in both Gareth and the Radio 2 team being able to complete their challenges. I know they look back positively on the experience and Martin was a large part of that.


As part of the wider team he has always been adaptable, professional and a pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend working with Martin and hope we work together again in the future

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